I Am Keter.

Tell me about yourself, "Keter".

My name is Zane "Keter" Clark. The username "Keter" is derived from SCP, I use it because I think it sounds nice. I am years old. I am male.

I am an aspiring programmer who works in the fields of web design and game development. I have been programming for about a year in the fields of Javascript, CSS, HTML, and Actionscript. Currently, my favorite language is Javascript, as it is faster than Actionscript and has more features.

I have not completed many projects, just a simple flash game and a few websites, but I have been learning a lot on my own. That's one of the things I am "proud" of. I learned all of the information I have on my own. My current school (middle school) doesn't offer any electives on programming, besides digital media (which is very, very beginner; like scratch). Although programming is my dream job, I don't know C or its variants yet. C seems a bit too advanced for me, and although I feel like I can learn it, I get stuck and confused while learning it. I think I'de have a higher chance of learning it well if I were taught it by somebody else who knows what they are doing.

Programming isn't my only hobby. There are three other things I really enjoy doing and do regularly. These are YouTube, Rubik's Cubes, and Video Games. Opinions on these are found in my (WIP) opinions tab.

What are your finished projects?

I have one finished game, this website, Seasonal.html, and cryptic languages.

Tell me about your Rubik's Cubes.

I can solve every cube from 1x1-5x5, the pyraminx, and the skewb. My records are:


I know how to solve a 3x3 with 1 method, and I know how to do F2L with three methods.
I solve a 3x3 with the Jessica Fridrich method. For F2L, I can do the standard cross then corners, CEF2L, and the Petrus method. I believe I created the CEF2L method, but I'm not sure.